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Water Line Repair in Florence, KY, and Nearby Areas

Kennedy Plumbing Services is the top plumbing company that is ready to help you with water line repairs around your property. You may have issues with water lines that are under your lawn, or you may have problems with the water lines when they enter your house or reach your water meter. We are the trusted plumber in Florence, KY, and the surrounding areas to call when you notice a leak or think that you have water line problems.


Common Water Line Issues

When you have water line issues around your house, you might not see the leak. You may notice that your water bill is rising for no reason. You might hear water running around your property or see your toilets and faucets gurgle. Water lines under your lawn could be cracked because they are made from bad materials or the line might have been cracked by a clog.

Some people see water rise to the surface in their yard or have a water leak in the house that causes mold or mildew. You may notice a musty smell in the house, or you may smell the chlorine/fluorine treatment the local water system uses. Whenever any of these red flags arise, get in touch with our team right away

Water Line Repair from Kennedy Plumbing Services

We offer plumbing repairs for your home or property based on a full inspection by our team. We will share the results of our inspection with you, and we will create a free estimate for your repairs. Our plumber can replace parts of the water line, use trenchless techniques to repair your water line, or close small leaks around your house.

You can ask for advice when you meet with our crew. At Kennedy Plumbing Services, we will explain how to avoid water line problems in the future. Additionally, we can help you replace pipes around the house that might be made from poor materials. Again, we use trenchless techniques to reach these pipes, repair them or replace them. We can rejuvenate the plumbing system around your home, and new pipes can add value to your home.

Your water lines feed your appliances and hot water heater. We can repair the water lines to prevent leaks near these appliances. In addition, we will check the pressure relief valve in case the valve is broken. High water pressure could cause damage to your current pipes so we will fix any extraneous problems that we will find.

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We offer emergency plumbing for all our clients. Aside from your water lines, we can help you with fixtures, water heaters, and appliances. Our plumbers will create a free estimate for the job, and we do not begin work until you are ready. Call us at (859) 448-7547 or fill out the online contact form to schedule your appointment.

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