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Sump Pump Services in Florence, KY, and Nearby Areas

When you have a basement/crawl space that floods during the rainy season, you need a sump pump that will remove all water from the space. You can use a sump pump when you have a garage that floods because of your slab, or you might use a sump pump when you have a particular part of the slab that collects water during a heavy storm. Contact the top plumber in Florence, KY, and nearby areas today for quality solutions.

Importance of a Sump Pump

Kennedy Plumbing Services can check the sump pump for clogs, damage, and wiring. The sump pump should turn on automatically when it senses


water flooding the space. You may not have time to run into the basement or crawl space to turn on the pump. Additionally, you may not be home with the flood occurs. The sump pump can prevent future damage to your home, and it removes the water faster than you can.

Common Issues That You May Encounter

When you call us for plumbing repairs, we will check the sump pump for any clogs or drainage problems. You never know how much debris could be pulled into the pump, and we will remove any debris we find. In addition, we check the pipe that sends water outside the house. The pipes could be clogged or they might be cracked.

If your sump pump does not switch on as it should, we will check the wiring. Moreover, we will check the battery backup and sensor for any issues. Reach out to Kennedy Plumbing Services if the pump turns on when the basement is dry, or call us when the pump does not work.

Sump Pump Solutions from Kennedy Plumbing Services

As the leading plumber in Florence, KY, and nearby areas, we will thoroughly inspect the entire pump system before recommending a service. We will share the results of our inspection with you and we discuss the needed repairs based on that inspection. If we can repair the pump, we will use parts and tools from the truck. If the pump must be replaced, we can recommend you a new device.

We also offer new sump pumps for renovations and new construction. Talk to us before your construction is complete so that we can recommend the correct pump, install the pump, and wire the pump to the house’s power supply.

Reach Out to Our Team

You should reach out to our team when you think you have a problem with your sump pump. We offer a range of services in these locations and the surrounding areas:

Our plumbing company will help keep your basement or crawl space dry. We also offer free estimates for all repairs. We do not begin any work until you are ready. We have an emergency plumbing hotline that you can call for miscellaneous repairs or emergencies, and one of our on-call plumbers will be dispatched to your house promptly. Call us at (859) 448-7547 or fill out the contact form to schedule your appointment.

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