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Our Range of Services in Florence, KY, and Nearby Areas

From emergency plumbing and water filtration to drain cleaning and water heater repair, rely on Kennedy Plumbing Services. As your leading plumber in Florence, KY, and the surrounding areas, we make sure to provide a full suite of services that come at reasonable prices. Reach out to our team right away at the first sign of plumbing issues in your home.

A Full Suite of Services

Take a look at what you can expect from our team here at Kennedy Plumbing Services:


Our plumbing company offers basic plumbing repairs and emergency plumbing assistance for the house. We can help with small leaks and pipe replacements. You might need new piping, which will require the services of skilled and experienced plumbing technicians. We can replace sinks, tubs, toilets, or showers. We can also repair your sink, tub, toilet, or shower when needed.

Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Our drain cleaning company uses several techniques to clean your drains and pipes. When we come to your home for drain cleaning services, we will inspect each drain for rust and damage. We use pipe descaling chemicals to clean your pipes or drains. We can replace drains that are rusted or broken. Plus, we offer hydro jetting to clean all the pipes in the house when you have tough clogs. We offer drain snaking when you have a clogged drain, or we can remove pipes that have been damaged by clogs.

In addition, you can trust Kennedy Plumbing Services to take care of your sewer line through scheduled cleanings. An in-depth sewer cleaning allows us to make sure that clogs or even stubborn tree roots will not pose any risks to your drains and the entire plumbing system. We can provide a variety of solutions, including hydro jetting, to take care of the source of the issue. Our team will conduct a camera inspection thoroughly to take out the guesswork. The footage we obtain will allow us to recommend the best course of action.

Water Heater Repair

When you have a broken hot water heater, we can repair the tank, check the hoses, or repair the heating element. If the heater is broken, we can provide a water heater installation for the house. You can choose between a tankless water heater or a traditional tank. Tankless water heaters are efficient, do not waste water and provide you with instant hot water when you turn on the tap.

Water Line Repair

Water line repair is necessary when you notice your water bill is rising quickly. You may see the water rise to the surface of your lawn, or you might hear water running around the house. We can check your property for pipe breaks, and we use trenchless techniques to handle each repair.

Water Filtration

When you want to add a water filtration system to the house, we can install a large tank where the water enters the house. We can add water filters to every tap or spigot in the house, and we will help you replace filters and maintain these units.

Sump Pump

If you have problems with floods in the basement or crawl space, you should use sump pumps to clear out the basement. We install pumps that will turn on automatically. You may also ask us to check on these pumps every year.

Why Trust Kennedy Plumbing Services

You can trust us with your repairs because we offer a free estimate for each repair. We do not start until you have approved our estimate. Do not try to do DIY repairs because it takes extensive training and the proper equipment to ensure a complete job.

Get in Touch With Our Team

At Kennedy Plumbing Services, we provide a range of plumbing repairs and other solutions in these locations and the neighboring areas:

When you need basic plumbing repairs, water heater service, or anything else, you can schedule an appointment with your trusted plumber in Florence, KY, and nearby areas. Call us at (859) 448-7547 or fill out our form to reach out to Kennedy Plumbing Services today.


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