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Thorough Drain Cleaning in Union, KY

Kennedy Plumbing Services is your trusted plumber in Union, KY, and nearby areas that provides a complete drain cleaning service in the local area. Our drain cleaning company will make sure to restore your clog-free drains and sewer line in a prompt and cost-effective manner. Our services are among the most reliable in the industry, which is why you should contact us any time you have a clogged drain. Never try to remove the clog yourself, as DIY repairs in your house could lead to greater drain damage and costlier repair expenses. 

Causes and Signs of Clogs

When you need drain cleaning services, we are the team that can help with any issues you might have. You may have hair or debris buildup in the drain. The drains could be rusty and may be covered in limescale. The clogs could go deep into the system and later on be the cause of leaks.

When you hear the drain gurgling or straining, you should contact our team right away. You may also notice leaks in the house caused by clogs that resulted in cracked pipes. In addition, you may sense a horrible stench near your drains. These are the drains you should focus on, or you might have backups that need to be cleared before the problems get worse.

If your drains are damaged, we may recommend a complete replacement. We offer drain services that will help keep debris and hair out of your pipes. If you have any concerns about drains in your house, you should point those out when we visit your home for our scheduled appointment.

A sewer line issue can develop into a massive backup when clogs are not addressed promptly. We can also check if tree roots have caused an intrusion into the pipes, causing your sewer line to have a blockage. Our experts are equipped with the tools needed to verify the source and severity of the problem thanks to our sewer camera inspection service and equipment.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

When we come to your home for a drain cleaning service, we start with a complete inspection of your drains and pipes. When we find clogs, we make sure that we help break up persistent clogs. We can remove debris from the pipes and conduct drain snaking when you have massive clogs that do not break down when we use chemical treatments.

As the top plumber in Northern Kentucky, we can use lime descaling treatments. We hope to remove all limescale from the pipes to prevent further damage. Limescale could cause pinhole leaks in your pipes, and we do not want the damage to spread.

If you have just bought or inherited a home, we can use hydro jetting to clear all the pipes. Our hydro jetting service is needed to keep your pipes clean, and we will flush your sewer pipes, water pipes, and any other systems in the house.

Thorough Sewer Cleaning

We can also assist you when you need a professional sewer cleaning in Union, KY. Our team can make sure no waste gets caught in a clog issue and ends up creating a messy back-up. We specialize in different approaches, from mechanical cleaning to hydro jetting. No matter the source of the clogging, whether it is a simple build-up or tree root invasion, we have what it takes to make sure your sewer system is ready to take on all waste deposits.

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Reach out to our plumbing experts as soon as you notice that there is a problem with your drains or sewer line, so we can clear your drains and prevent clogs in the future. We can repair or replace your drains right away. Call us at (859) 448-7547 or fill out the online contact form to schedule your appointment with Kennedy Plumbing Services today. Let our team help you make sure that you enjoy having clog-free drains again.

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