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The Trusted Plumber in Hebron, KY

Let the most trusted plumber in Hebron, KY, and nearby areas work on your plumbing issues because we offer every service you need. We offer drain cleaning, water heater repair, general plumbing services, and miscellaneous assistance in the local area. Contact us for emergency plumbing help. At Kennedy Plumbing Services, we make sure to get the job done promptly and at a reasonable cost.

Our Services

Our range of services covers the entire plumbing system. When you contact us, we can help you with these three big service categories. In addition, we can help you with sewer camera inspection for pipes around your property, appliance installation, and piping for new construction.

Plumbing - Our plumbing company provides customers with general plumbing repairs and services. We will inspect your home, find leaks, and replace pipes when needed. We will explain why you might have problems in the kitchen or bathroom, and we can help you replace sinks or toilets. We can assist with repiping when you are renovating or remodeling a house.

We can also offer inspection services when you do not know what the problem is in the house. We might find that something like the pressure relief valve is faulty, and we can replace these tiny parts that make a big difference. 

Drain Cleaning - Our drain cleaning company offers an array of drain cleaning services for any home. We will inspect each drain, replace damaged drains, and clear each clogged drain. When we find any sign of clogging, we will use drain snaking to remove touch clogs. We can also use descaling products that will take buildup off your pipes. Homeowners who have limescale buildup might have more damage throughout the house. We also offer hydro jetting to remove the most stubborn of clogs.

Water Heater Repair - We offer water heater services when you notice hot water is not flowing as it should. We offer water heater repair if you have a small leak, a problem with your heating element, or the wiring is faulty. We check the pipes around your water heater, and we can replace the heater when it is in poor condition. We can recommend a switch to a tankless water heater, or we will find the appropriate water heater tank.

Rely on Kennedy Plumbing Services

You should not try to do DIY repairs. You can contact us right now for help with water heater installation, pipe replacement, and leak repairs. We will do the work right the first time, and we will use the appropriate parts, tools, and techniques. You do not have a plumbing license, and there is no guarantee that your repairs will stand the test of time. You can rely on us no matter how large or small the job is, and we explain what the problem is before our plumbing repair services begin.

Talk to Our Team Today

Consult our team today when you have a broken hot water heater, leaks, or issues with pipes around your property. We help with new construction projects, and we complete home inspections. You can call our emergency services line if you have a pipe burst or leak after hours. Call Kennedy Plumbing Services today at (859) 448-7547 or fill out our contact form to schedule your appointment in Hebron, KY or nearby areas.

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We are available 24/7, charge flat rate fees, and have over 20 years of experience. Call (859) 448-7547 today to schedule your service.