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Kennedy Plumbing Services takes pride in being the plumber in Florence, KY, and nearby areas that is most trusted for plumbing services and other solutions. When you schedule an appointment with our plumbing company right now, you can expect prompt and efficient services at reasonable costs. We offer emergency services in the local area, as well. If you even suspect that you have a plumbing problem in the house, you should contact us immediately.

A Range of Plumbing Services

We offer a comprehensive range of plumbing repairs and services. You can contact us for new construction projects, renovations, or remodeling. Additionally, you may consult us if you have an emergency.

  • Fixture Installation, Repair, and Replacement

We can install new fixtures, repair them or replace your current but damaged fixtures. We can order the fixtures for your home, and we will check the pipes and hoses that connect to these fixtures.

  • Toilet Installation, Repair, and Replacement

We offer toilet installation, repair, and replacement for all your bathrooms. Our experts can manage plumbing repair services when your toilet is running or leaking. We can order your new toilet, and we will install it when ready.

  • Sinks and Tubs Installation, Repair, and Replacement

We can also install or repair your sinks, tubs, and showers. We can help you renovate your bathroom, or we will handle a major replacement. Our team will provide you with a free estimate, and we will not do any repairs or replacements until you are ready. We offer maintenance appointments for your showers and tubs.

  • Garbage Disposal Installation, Repair, and Replacement

When you have issues with your garbage disposal, we will send a plumber to inspect the device. Our experts can show you how to crank the tube by yourself, or the disposal can be replaced. We will inspect the pipes that connect to the disposal, and we can replace the gasket for the disposal when needed. Moreover, we can adjust the teeth in the sink or we can replace damaged parts in the disposal unit.

Plumbing Services or DIY?

You should not try to do any plumbing repairs on your own. DIY plumbing repairs are dangerous because you do not have the tools or expertise to get the job done. Plus, you cannot guarantee that the repair will last. Instead, we can repair anything in your plumbing system. We stand by our work, and we offer emergency assistance if you have a pipe break, major leak, or the plumbing in your house stops working.

Talk to Kennedy Plumbing Services Today

Reach out to our team at Kennedy Plumbing Services today. We offer everything from emergency plumbing to basic fixture installation. We can explain why you are having issues with your home, and we can help you avoid future problems. In addition, we can provide you any parts or devices that you need to upgrade your plumbing. Call us at (859) 448-7547 or fill out our form to schedule your appointment for our plumbing services.

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