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Thorough Drain Cleaning in Florence, KY

Kennedy Plumbing Services is the most reliable plumber in Florence, KY, and nearby areas that offers a range of sewer and drain cleaning solutions. Whether you are dealing with clogged drains or other miscellaneous plumbing repairs, we offer a complete range of drain services that will keep your home in top condition. Get in touch with us when you suspect that you may have a blocked drain or sewer line problem. We will be sure to conduct a thorough camera inspection first, allowing you to view the location and severity of the problem affecting your pipes.

Common Causes of Clogs

You may notice drain problems at any time. Some drains do not drain as fast as they should. Some drains gurgle and release air bubbles. Other drains have rust or limescale that looks terrible. Additionally, you might have gurgling toilets or hear sounds in your pipes that are troublesome.

You may notice a bad smell around your drains that is caused by deep clogs that you cannot see. These clogs could expand, damage your pipes, and cause leaks. Also, you may hear the drain struggle to remove all water from the sink, shower or tub. Hair, debris, and trash often get into the drains throughout the course of the year. 

Sewer lines can end up with a build-up due to all the waste that goes through them. At times, tree roots can infiltrate the pipes and end up blocking the flow.

Do not try to do any DIY repairs. We offer drain cleaning services regardless of the scope of the problem. If you suspect that you have a drain problem, you should contact us right away. We remove all these items to improve the performance of each drain.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

We start with a full inspection of every drain. The drains may be rusted or damaged, which means we may need to replace the drains so that your home stays in top condition. New drains prevent hair and debris from getting into your pipes, or we can descale your drain to prevent further damage. An old drain that is filled with limescale could indicate limescale damage throughout the house.

When you have clogs in your pipes, we will remove those clogs promptly and efficiently. We will use drain snaking techniques to clean the drains or provide hydro jetting when you have persistent clogs in your home. Our drain cleaning company will check the pipes to ensure they are not cracked. In addition, we can repair or replace cracked pipes.

If you have just bought or inherited a home, you may request hydro jetting to clean out any clogs that are left behind. Some families prefer to get hydro-jetting done once a year, or you might call us for quarterly drain services. Reach out to us when you lose something in your drain you believe we can retrieve.

Count on Us for Sewer Cleaning

Our cleaning services extend to sewer lines. Let us make sure your sewer line will not be hindered in handling all the waste deposited by multiple drains. Our team is here to ensure clean and clear lines free from clogs or adverse effects of tree root invasion. Whether it is sewer jetting or any other approach, Kennedy Plumbing Services will make sure to provide the thorough sewer cleaning in Florence, KY, that you need.

Contact Kennedy Plumbing Services

Talk to Kennedy Plumbing Services when you have problems with your drains. You may have clogs that cannot be cleared with chemicals that you buy at the store, and you should not try to repair your pipes by yourself. We have an emergency hotline that offers assistance after hours, we can show you how to avoid these clogs in the future. We offer free estimates to all customers. Call us at (859) 448-7547 or fill out the contact form to set an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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