Services of the Expert Plumber in Erlanger, KY

Kennedy Plumbing Services is your trusted plumber in Erlanger, KY, and nearby areas. Our plumbing company helps with plumbing repairs and basic services around the house. We offer emergency plumbing care when needed, and we can provide you any replacement part or fixture that may be needed for each plumbing repair.

Our Top-Notch Plumbing Solutions

Here is a look at our plumbing repair services in the local area:

  • Fixture Installation, Repair, and Replacement

We offer plumbing repair services for every part of the house. We can help with fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom, and we can check the spigots outside the house. We can even provide you new fixtures or replace small parts of your fixtures.

We can inspect the house as part of a basic plumbing service, and we will show you what can be done to bring the house up to code. We can check out a house you are planning to buy, or we can discuss with you a complete overhaul.

  • Toilet Installation, Repair, and Replacement

When you have an old or runny toilet, we will help you restore the toilet to its good condition. We can adjust the parts inside or replace them should we deem it necessary and unavoidable. We can adjust the plumbing in the bathroom to accommodate a new toilet and help you rearrange the bathroom to accommodate your renovation.

  • Sinks and Tubs Installation, Repair, and Replacement

When you need a new tub or sink, we can provide you a replacement. In addition, we can install your sinks and tubs along with new pipes or valves. We can help you check the pipes in the bathroom when you have issues with leaks or drips.

  • Garbage Disposal Installation, Repair, and Replacement

When we come to your home, we can install your garbage disposal. We can repair your current garbage disposal and fix the gasket that attaches to the sink. We can show you how to adjust the disposal and we can clear debris from the unit.

Kennedy Plumbing Services vs DIY

You should not try to do DIY repairs in the house. We will send a plumber to help you, and we will explain what your options are. You do not have the appropriate tools or parts for each repair. There is no guarantee that your repairs will hold, and that is why you should contact us. We will give you a free estimate for every repair, and we will explain why each repair is needed.

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Get in touch with us today when you need to meet with a plumber in Erlanger, KY, and the surrounding areas. We take calls for your emergency plumbing issues, and we can explain which products are available for purchase. We can deliver parts to your home when you need a major repair. We can come to your home to install the parts you already bought, or we will inspect the house to find any hidden problems. Call us at (859) 448-7547 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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