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Kennedy Plumbing Services aims to keep you updated on what is the latest with your trusted plumber in Florence, KY, and nearby areas through our blog posts. Visit this section regularly to learn more about our array of plumbing services, such as drain cleaning and water heater repair in Florence, Union, Hebron, and Erlanger, KY, as well as the surrounding areas.

Reasons Behind Sediment Buildup

January 15, 2021
water heater repair in Hebron, KY

Sediment buildup is a common problem, as it can cause your water heater to experience problems and a shorter lifespan. Here are some of the common reasons why sediment buildup occurs in water heaters and some tips on scheduling Kennedy Plumbing Services for an affordable water heater repair in Hebron, KY. Hard Water This is…

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Comparing Hydro Jetting With Drain Snaking

December 30, 2020
drain cleaning in Florence, KY

As a leading provider of drain repair and drain cleaning in Florence, KY, and nearby areas, the crew at Kennedy Plumbing Services is equipped to handle a variety of tasks aimed at keeping drains clear and flowing smoothly. Our services include professional hydro jetting and snaking, and we’re pleased to offer the following information on…

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Is Your Plumbing System Ready for the Holidays?

December 22, 2020
plumbing tips

To give yourself extra peace of mind this holiday season, Kennedy Plumbing Services encourages you to prepare your plumbing system ahead of time. This is especially true if you plan to have guests over. Here are a few important holiday plumbing tips to remember. Have Your Pipes Insulated Before the weather gets too cold, be…

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Signs of Improper Installation

December 16, 2020
plumber in Erlanger, KY

You need a plumber in Erlanger, KY, from a trustworthy company like Kennedy Plumbing Services to complete installations correctly. This applies to anything plumbing-related, including water heaters. Below, we point out some signs to look for that suggest your water heater may not have been properly installed. Needing Frequent Repairs It’s normal to occasionally need…

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How Bathroom Drains Get Clogged

November 25, 2020
plumber in Union, KY

A clogged drain in your bathroom can be bothersome, but it can usually be fixed by a good plumber in Union, KY. It still pays to know what causes clogs in your bathroom drains in the first place, though. Shower Issues If your clog is in your bathtub or shower drain, it’s likely that your…

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Why Choose a Licensed and Insured Plumber

November 16, 2020
plumber in Florence, KY

Don’t settle for just any plumber in Florence, KY. Be sure to work with a licensed and insured plumber. This is exactly what you can expect when you put the team at Kennedy Plumbing to work for you. Here’s a closer look at why it’s important to choose a licensed and insured plumber. Protecting You…

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Avoiding Kitchen Drain Clog Issues

November 10, 2020
drain cleaning in Union, KY

Clogged drains are a huge annoyance for homeowners. If you have such plumbing problems, you can have a plumber in Union, KY from Kennedy Plumbing Services come to your home to provide the proper solutions. It’s good practice to know how you can avoid clogs in your kitchen sink. Here are maintenance tips every homeowner…

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How Long Do Tankless Water Heaters Last?

October 29, 2020
tankless water heater in Florence, KY

Suppose you’ve been considering upgrading from your standard tank water heater to a tankless model, but are wondering how long your new investment would last. In that case, Kennedy Plumbing Services is here to help you learn all about the lifespan and advantages of a tankless water heater in Florence, KY. Lifespan of a Tankless…

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Importance of Water Filtration

October 19, 2020
plumber in Erlanger, KY

If you’ve been wondering how a new water filtration system may benefit you, a call to the team at Kennedy Plumbing Services is definitely in order. Our professional plumbing services in Erlanger, KY include installing and servicing all types of water filtering systems, and we offer the following facts on why you should consider getting…

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Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Tips

October 1, 2020
plumber in Erlanger, KY

Knowledge and consistent maintenance are the perfect recipes for keeping a tankless water heater in shape. A professional plumber in Erlanger, KY like Kennedy Plumbing Services should be contacted when the water heater has issues. Before and after service, however, preventative maintenance should be practiced. Here are some of the best water heater maintenance tips:…

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