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Why Drain Cleaning Is Part of Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance is a preventative measure we take that ensures drain flow continues without becoming a problem. Over time, sediments can build up and eventually cause slow drainage and then clogging. If you are looking for drain cleaning in Florence, KY, then Kennedy Plumbing Services can definitely help.

The Issues

Many variables lead to drain issues depending on the drain’s use. Toilets generally suffer from consumer sanitary products such as wet wipes or even toys that fascinate toddlers as they circle the drain. The kitchen sink is subject to waste such as grease and soap buildup. The prime culprit in a clogged drain is hair. It takes much longer than other sediments to break down and can accumulate quickly in certain drains. Hence it is important to practice proper plumbing maintenance starting with your drains.

Here are some of the ways our plumber in Florence, KY, and our services can assist with proactive care:

Professional Drain Snaking

Many chemicals you find on the consumer shelf can be harsh and ultimately damage your pipes. Drain snaking is one of our methods that is safe and more effective than dangerous chemicals. A pointed auger can be inserted deep into the line, reaching and breaking up any sediments. Through routine and thorough cleaning, you can avoid the buildup of grease, hair, and other harmful things that can lead to a plumbing issue later.

Pressurized Water

Hydro jetting is another useful method in our drain cleaning services arsenal that is much safer than harsh chemicals. After assessing the pipeline’s condition with a camera, high-pressure water is directed to the problem location at 35,000 psi. This method can remove sand, silt, and even concentrated root growth. Proper maintenance of your drain pipes can begin by ensuring they are clear of any blockage.

Consider the methods and credentials when searching for a drain cleaning company. As mentioned, many chemicals cause damage to your pipes, and too often, this is the go-to fix for some plumbers. At Kennedy Plumbing Services, our methods are effective while preserving your plumbing’s integrity. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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