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What We Check During a Camera Inspection

Modern camera inspection technology provides a reliable way for plumbers to inspect buried piping that would otherwise be inaccessible. We at Kennedy Plumbing Services regularly conduct sewer line inspections as precursors to plumbing repairs or pipeline cleaning, and we use them to look out for the following issues.

Pipeline Obstructions

One of our most commonly performed plumbing services is clearing out pipe blockages and obstructions. A camera inspection can pinpoint the exact location and identify the composition of a blockage so that it can be blasted away with hydro jetting or pulled out by a drain snake.

Cracks and Separation

A pipeline that’s cracked or separated may be leaking sewage or in danger of complete collapse. Our team is equipped with sewer cameras to locate these types of damage. This allows us to make prompt repairs and avoid needing emergency plumbing work in the future.

Pipe Settling

Pipeline settling is one of the toughest plumbing problems to diagnose, but it can result in major backups due to disruption of flow through the line. Our local plumber in Florence, KY frequently employs sewer camera technology to find and gauge pipe settlement issues.

Tree Root Intrusion

Invasive plant roots mean big trouble for buried pipelines. Small root threads can find their way into cracks or connections and break up the pipe as they grow and spread. Our camera inspection services provide detailed information on whether tree roots are causing a specific plumbing problem, allowing us to tailor our response accordingly.

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