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Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Knowledge and consistent maintenance are the perfect recipes for keeping a tankless water heater in shape. A professional plumber in Erlanger, KY like Kennedy Plumbing Services should be contacted when the water heater has issues. Before and after service, however, preventative maintenance should be practiced. Here are some of the best water heater maintenance tips:

Flush Every Six to Twenty-Four Months

When water heater repair in Erlanger, KY is scheduled, check with a professional to see whether or not the water heater needs to be flushed. If it has been flushed already, ask a professional plumber when the next flush should take place. Flushing rids the water heater of a material called limescale. Removal of this deposit lengthens the lifespan of the tankless water heater.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

Always pay attention to signs that your tankless water heater in Erlanger, KY needs professional attention. If it is old, leaking, rusted, or failing to heat the water in the home, it probably needs to be replaced by a professional plumber. Waiting around on serious issues can cause other problems that can be even more costly. Take immediate action when issues arrive.

Clean the Water Heater When Needed

Tankless water heaters have filters that need to be cleaned every now and then. Have a professional check the in-line water filter, the sediment filter, and the air filter to see whether or not they need to be cleaned. Once you get professional water heater service in Erlanger, KY, ask about what maintenance or cleaning schedule is best for your particular unit.

Know When Replacement or Repair Is Best

A broken hot water heater in Erlanger, KY is going to cause significant issues in how the water performs. In fact, a completely faulty unit should be removed if it is no longer capable of doing its job. Some issues can be handled and repaired by experienced and knowledgeable amateurs that have access to the right tools. Always consult a professional to determine what is best.

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