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Signs of Improper Installation

You need a plumber in Erlanger, KY, from a trustworthy company like Kennedy Plumbing Services to complete installations correctly. This applies to anything plumbing-related, including water heaters. Below, we point out some signs to look for that suggest your water heater may not have been properly installed.

Needing Frequent Repairs

It’s normal to occasionally need water heater repair in Erlanger, KY. Unfortunately, if you have a newer water heater and you’re frequently needing repairs done, it could be because of improper installation. The solution that’s recommended will depend on what’s going on with your water heater and how serious the repair issues are.

Regularly Running Out of Hot Water

Even a tankless water heater can fail to provide enough hot water for your needs if it’s not the right size. This can also happen if you have a tank-based water heater that’s not capable of holding and delivering enough hot water to meet your daily usage needs. This is why one of the steps we take with installation is to ensure the sizing is correct.

Having Issues with Settings or Water Pressure

You’ll be more likely to have a broken hot water heater if the settings weren’t properly adjusted during installation. With temperature, this could mean water that’s too hot or water that never gets hot enough. You could also have issues if the pressure of the water going into your water heater is too high. Issues of this nature are often remedied by making the necessary adjustments.

We’re Here for You

For water heater service that will always be done right, look no further than Kennedy Plumbing Services. If you notice any of the signs of improper installation mentioned here, we’ll let you know what steps can be taken to remedy the situation and restore your peace of mind and access to sufficient hot water.

Reach out to us today to discuss water heater installation and other services we offer.

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