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Signs a Plumbing Fixture Isn’t Installed Properly

Like most household appliances and fixtures, plumbing fixtures must be installed correctly for optimum performance. If you’re even considering tackling a plumbing fixture installation or repair job on your own, give the team at Kennedy Plumbing Services a call instead. Our established plumbing company in Erlanger, KY, is standing by to help you avoid the problems that are often associated with faulty fixture installation.

Leaks and Fixture Damage

If you notice leaks in or around a newly installed fixture, the fixture may have been connected improperly or damaged during the installation process. It’s wise to seek out a professional to reinstall or repair the fixture immediately to head off peripheral damage and prevent the need for emergency plumbing in Erlanger, KY, later on.

Poor Fit

A new or replacement plumbing fixture that seems unleveled, unsteady, or loose is a sure sign of bad installation work. Fixtures that are poorly installed often develop further problems over time and this can lead to expensive, unexpected plumbing repairs in Erlanger, KY, if the issue isn’t dealt with right from the start.

Noisy Plumbing

Incorrect installation may be to blame if a fixture makes unusual swishing or gurgling noises or if the water seems to pulse or spurt out. These symptoms may indicate the presence of a pipe blockage or air in the line. A professional plumber in Erlanger, KY, from our team, will know how to avoid this situation and can handle the repairs that are needed for the fixture to function as intended.

Count on Our Dependable Crew

Make Kennedy Plumbing Services your choice for plumbing services in Erlanger, KY. Call today with your questions regarding fixture installation, and feel free to request an estimate for any plumbing work that you need us to perform. You may also schedule your appointment by filling out the online form.

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