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Reasons Behind Recurring Clog Problems

Usually, a clogged drain or even a blocked toilet begins as a small issue. However, if not repaired early, clogged drains may result in excessive property damage. Clogged pipes obstruct water drainage, causing flooding.

At Kennedy Plumbing Services, we offer a variety of drain cleaning services to protect your drainage system. Here are the most common reasons behind your recurring clog issues.

  1. Wrong Food Disposal

The buildup of food scraps in the garbage disposal is a significant contributor to recurring clogs in the kitchen sink. Foods rich in fats and oils, including meat and cream, decay slowly. Hence, they clog the drainage system. Other foods that block water pipes include tea leaves, chocolate, and coffee.

It’s best if you use a trash can to dispose of excess food waste. Additionally, you could use a paper towel to take in the oil in fatty foods. Drain snaking will come in handy to eliminate any debris buildup in the plumbing system.

  2. Tree Roots

Research shows that tree roots are among the top causes of recurring clogs. Invasion of roots is, mainly, common with old drainage systems. Root invasion further aggravates cracks and leaks within the plumbing system. If trees surround your home, consider checking for tree roots in the drainage system at least once per month. In case of any damage from tree roots, drain cleaning in Union, KY, will help with professional repair services.

  3. Toilet Paper

Accumulation of toilet paper is one of the reasons why toilets keep blocking. Flushing excessive toilet paper is immensely hazardous to the sewer lines. If you use lots of toilet paper, it would be best if you flush twice. If your toilet is clogged, you could use a toilet plunger to unblock it. Make sure to consult a professional plumber from our team to prevent recurrent blocking due to toilet paper.

  4. Mineral Accumulation

Hard water is made up of minerals that clog the water lines. The most dominant minerals in hard water include magnesium and calcium. If you’re struggling with blocking due to hard water, consider seeking the services of a drain cleaning company.

Are you looking for an expert plumber in Union, KY? Kennedy Plumbing Services is your go-to company for plumbing installation and repair. Be sure to call us or fill out the online form today, and let’s help you fix recurring clog problems.

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