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How Bathroom Drains Get Clogged

A clogged drain in your bathroom can be bothersome, but it can usually be fixed by a good plumber in Union, KY. It still pays to know what causes clogs in your bathroom drains in the first place, though.

Shower Issues

If your clog is in your bathtub or shower drain, it’s likely that your culprit is hair, grease, and dead skin mixed with soap. All of this can combine to form a rather nasty clog that could require a thorough drain snaking if you can’t clear it out by yourself. It’s tough to keep this from happening since all of that will always go down your drain whenever you take a shower or bath, but you can keep a close eye on your drain and know when to contact our drain cleaning company right away.

Toilet Problems

If your clog is in your toilet, the problem is either that you flushed too much toilet paper at once or you were flushing something that should’ve gone in the trash. For the first problem, you just need to be careful about how much toilet paper you’re using. As for the second problem, it’s just safer to not flush any cleaning or sanitary products unless the packaging specifically says that it’s safe for your septic system. Otherwise, you’ll need our expert drain cleaning services to fix your toilet before it backs up.

These are really the two biggest problems you’ll likely face with your bathroom drains. If you find that you have recurring problems with clogged drains or you have multiple clogs at once in your home, you might have a larger problem that requires a more thorough drain cleaning in Union KY, or even a new sewer line. 

Regardless of the issue, contact Kennedy Plumbing Services today. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the best solutions to your plumbing needs.

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