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Factors That Affect Water Heater Installation Cost

Whether you’re planning to buy a new water heater or replace your old one, it pays to keep your budget in check while ensuring you meet your hot water needs. Perhaps you have many appliances needing hot water or have several people in your household—these factors can add up to your overall costs.

Apart from these aspects, there are other considerations you should take into account. In this post, Kennedy Plumbing Services, your expert in water heater repair in Florence, KY, discusses further below.

1.  Type of Water Heater

The type of water heater you will choose will significantly affect the installation cost. You can either opt for a tank or tankless water heater. The latter has a higher upfront cost, but its benefits will pay off in the long run.

Besides the model, pricing is different for the source of power for the water heater. You can select from gas, solar, or electric-powered systems. Size is also a consideration. The larger the water heater, the more expensive it is.

2.  Location of Water Heater

The location accessibility of your unit can also influence the water heater installation cost. If you plan to have your water heater installed in a hard-to-reach space or far away from your house, the more it will cost.

3.  Permit Costs

Replacing a broken hot water heater requires a permit from a relevant authority. Permit cost depends on several factors, including if an on-site inspection is compulsory and if there’s a need to repair the power source to your water heater. Luckily, all you need to do is contact Kennedy Plumbing Services, and our experts will check that for you.

When planning for a water heater installation, it is best to work with a professional to assist you in coming up with an accurate cost estimate of the whole work. As your trusted source of water heater service, Kennedy Plumbing Services will work closely with you to ensure we meet your requirements. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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