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Comparing Hydro Jetting With Drain Snaking

As a leading provider of drain repair and drain cleaning in Florence, KY, and nearby areas, the crew at Kennedy Plumbing Services is equipped to handle a variety of tasks aimed at keeping drains clear and flowing smoothly. Our services include professional hydro jetting and snaking, and we’re pleased to offer the following information on what’s involved with each method.

Similarities and Applications

Hydro jetting and drain snaking are basically two ways of achieving the same goal. Both techniques remove obstructions from plumbing lines, and both have situations in which we recommend them to our clients. Hydro jetting focuses on blocked pipes while drain snaking is solely for drains.

The Hydro Jetting Process

As the name implies, hydro jetting uses the power of pressurized water to blast away accumulated material inside a clogged drain or backed-up pipe. Hydro jetting is popular among local property owners because it’s effective and safe for most types of plumbing.

The Snaking Process

Snaking is a mechanical cleaning technique in which a tube or rod is inserted into a blocked drain to break up and destroy a clog. A plumber in Florence, KY, from our team can perform snaking efficiently to restore a blocked drain to service in next to no time.

Choosing a Cleaning Method

Both snaking and hydro jetting are quick and easy to perform. Hydro jetting requires more specialized equipment than snaking but may result in less mess for the property owner because the material causing the blockage gets washed away. We always take time to go over our drain cleaning services in detail so that the client can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Make Kennedy Plumbing Services your drain cleaning company of choice in the local area, by relying on our team for any type of clog issue. We’ll schedule an on-site consultation and estimate for the work that you need right away.

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