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Common Plumbing Issues During Winter

It’s important to note that your home’s plumbing system is affected by extremely cold temperatures. Fortunately, you can avoid most of these problems through maintenance and proactivity. In addition, you can avoid disastrous winter plumbing problems by having Kennedy Plumbing quickly correct the issue through some emergency plumbing services. 

Here are some common plumbing problems you are likely to experience during the winter:

Damaged Outdoor Drains

PVC and plastic are vulnerable to damage due to the freezing winter temperatures, affecting most outdoor drains. The good thing is that you can prevent damaged outdoor drains by upgrading your pipes to metal drains. Work with our top plumbing company to advise on the best drain varieties that can withstand freezing temperatures.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are perhaps the most common winter plumbing issue. It can also put your home to a standstill. You can endure thousands of dollars in damage within minutes if a pipe bursts due to frozen pipes in winter. Be sure to call our team for prompt plumbing repairs if your pipe bursts due to the winter weather.

Faulty Water Heater

Water heaters are used more during the winter, just like other home appliances such as air conditioners. Water heater problems are also common during winter, mostly if it was inefficient before. You may require professional plumbing services for repairs or full water heater replacement based on the extent of the inefficiency. You can prevent water heater issues caused by winter by maintaining the appliance and insulating outlet and inlet pipes.

Keep Winter Problems at Bay

Don’t hesitate to consult the local experts to take action as soon as you notice these winter plumbing issues in your home. Remember to call a professional plumber in Hebron, KY, for inspection and repairs when water heaters fail or kitchen drains clog to prevent severe structural damage. 

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