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Basic Water Heater Troubleshooting

Water heaters are designed to provide you with hot water when you need it, but they don’t come without potential problems. Before you call a plumber in Florence, KY, try these troubleshooting tips from Kennedy Plumbing Services to deal with common water heater issues.

Water Won’t Get Hot

Insufficient amount or complete lack of hot water are some of the issues that necessitate the appropriate water heater service in Florence, KY. If the unit is electric, ensure that the breakers have not tripped and the plug has not been disconnected or damaged.

For gas water heaters such as a tankless water heater in Florence, KY, the issue might be due to the fuel. On any water heater, check that the red reset button has not been tripped, and reset it according to your manual. In some cases, you may have faulty or damaged burners.


Leaks may be a sign of a broken hot water heater in Florence, KY, but they usually occur from sediment, leaky valves, corrosion, or loose hardware or hoses. Tighten loose connections on elements using an element wrench, but not too tight. Check that the hot water hoses and cold water inlet pipes have not come loose.

For leakage at the bottom, flush the temperature and pressure valve by setting water under the overhead pipe and lower the temperature. If you notice rust on your water heater tank, you might benefit more from a water heater installation in Florence, KY.

Water is Too Hot

As with the water being cold, the problem usually stems from the thermostat. Turn the breaker off that controls the water heater or the gas supply. The thermostats come with factory settings, but you can adjust settings to your needs.

If you have experience with voltmeters, test the thermostat. Find the access panel, remove it, but don’t touch wires. Each burner should have the same reading. If the burners still work, use a screwdriver to adjust the temperature.

Most water heater problems need to be addressed as quickly as possible. If you can’t figure out the issue or need water heater repair in Florence, KY, Kennedy Plumbing Services may be able to help. Contact us today!

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