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Basic Drain Maintenance Tips

Want well-functioning drains? We all do. At Kennedy Plumbing Services, we know how important drains are for everyday living. That’s why you can trust us, your local drain cleaning company in Union, KY, to get the job done right the first time. Here are a few tips to help keep your drains in good condition:

  • Buy a Hair Catcher – When it comes to a clogged drain in Union, KY, it should come as no surprise that excessive amounts of hair is a common issue. Rather than allow hair to cascade down your drain every time you wash, consider buying a hair catcher to keep hair build up at bay.
  • Check Your Hygiene Products – Soaps that have great lather and feel luxurious may be good for the skin but bad for your pipes. Using fancy soap and hygiene products that contain natural fats and oils may be causing you to call for help from drain cleaning services in Union, KY more often than you’d like.
  • Watch What You Put Down Your Drains – If you have toddlers or teens, this one might ring a bell. Never allow your tiny tots or any adult to place items that aren’t meant for that particular drain down the drain. For example, no one should be putting fruit peels into the toilet, and no one should be putting toilet paper into the sink drain. These unfortunate mishaps can have devastating results on your piping system and can cost you thousands down the line.
  • Ditch the Liquid Drain Cleaner – Liquid drain cleaners are easy and inexpensive, but they are also unsafe and corrosive. Just as they are able to disintegrate hair and scum on contact, they can also disintegrate your pipes! Skip the drain cleaning section at your local supermarket and call for a professional plumber in Union, KY, instead.
  • Pick Up the Phone – One of the best maintenance tips we can give you is to have your pipes and drains inspected at least once every one to two years by a professional. This can limit, or even eliminate, your need for emergency drain cleaning in Union, KY.

Interested in an inspection, drain jetting or drain snaking in Union, KY? Contact Kennedy Plumbing Services today for more details.

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